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Choose your wood:

Choosing well seasoned firewood is a must for a good campfire.  Never use wood that is damp to the touch.  Hardwoods should have cracks on the ends and be darken from the sun.  Pine and Fir should be lighter by weight than hardwood and be darken from the sun.

Build your campfire:  1.Start with a fire starter square or 1 to 2 sheets of newspaper wadded up and placed in cool fire pit.

                                        2.Cover fire starter or newspaper with small split kindling (6 - 8 pieces,1/2" to 1" square),  add 4 or 5
                                           pieces of wood (approximately 2" square) &  light your fire.

                                        3.After fire is burning well, add bigger pieces of wood untill you establish the size of fire you want. Then add one piece
                                           of wood at a time. This method will conserve your wood.

                                                                                 Hint's -  Softwoods such as pine, fir ,and redwood make the best kindling and starter wood.
                                                                                               We carry some really nice, dry, hand split kindling.
                                                                                               Hardwoods such as oak and madrone will make the best long burning fire. 

                         Don't forget to bring:  A Hatchet or Ax
                                                                             Fire Starters, Charcoal Lighter Fluid, &/or Newpaper

                        Did you Know:                     Species             Heat Content Million BTU's per Cord  
                                                                            Madrone                                  30.9  
                                                                            Tan Oak                                  27.5  
                                                                            Doug Fir                                  26.5  
                                                                            Pine                                         21.7
                                                                            White Fir                                  21.1
                                                                            Redwood                                 21.1                  

                                                                          For information on burning unseasoned firewood: